[P.M.G.]’s research manifests sculpturally in portable ‘pop up’ workstations which are posed to both the studio and office environments, and personified as Angela, Susan andScarletta. All three robust, functioning sculptures are made portable by wheels and incorporate the design features found to be essential through the research of modern office workspaces. Their features vary; an electronic power socket, a revolving table top, pull-out whiteboard and cork notice board, organisational storage shelves, and drawers are among the additions. Brand identity is maintained by the consistent material use of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and White Laminate Board throughout the sculptures. The workstations are adaptable, becoming at times; an Information Point, Seminar resource, Gallery Space or Working Studio Island. In this way attention shifts from form to functionality. Further, the workstations are activated as sculptures through interaction. [P.M.G.] performances investigate the negotiation of space; movements during the Beaconsfield showing of Angela at Work II demonstrate an interaction with both the audience and gallery space and artworks, managed by the intimidating Angela. Interactions with members of the public whilst Angela was in situ both at Beaconsfield Information Point and as Research point as part of the Bookbed, at the Peckham Platform further this.

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